With reference to the above, the following is the breakdown of monthly expenses incurred in the Provisions Department of Persatuan Kebajikan Thirumular Malaysia ( also known as Agathiar Charity Organisation).

The amount may vary from month to month, depending on the number of cases being added or destracted and depends on the number of miscellaneous cases that request help from our department.

No Item Amount (RM)
1 Despatch & Travel expenses 1,900.00
2 Total Groceries Expenditure 26,000.00
3 Cash for Outstation Cases 1,500.00
4 Staff Salary 6,100.00
5 Telephone Bill 500.00
6 Electricity 100.00
7 Store Maintenance 100.00
8 Stamp, Paper & Stationary 200.00
9 Advertisement & Brochures 300.00
Total 36,700.00

** Poor and desperate, unfortunate families through some wrong twist of fate suffer from tragedies that we would fervently wish would not be visited upon us or our loved ones. We sincerely hope on your kind self to help us provide crucial and much needed support to these 200 families that are depending on our organisation.

Your commitment to this project as a monthly activity is highly encouraged and appreciated.