Q: What are the problems faced by these families?
Many of these families face similar problems with each other. Below is given the most common causes why these families are facing problems.

Single Parents
Single mothers with husbands either passed away or abandoned the family without giving any monthly support or care. Usually, these mother are poorly educated but is the sole breadwinner of the family. On an average, she would have no less than four children to support.

Accident Victims
Families where the breadwinners have been involved in serious accidents and are rendered incapable of caring for their families. Most of the cases involve persons who donít have insurance coverage or any personal savings at all.

Illnesses & Misfortune
Families with parents or their children facing serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, mental retardation and etc. The problem becomes more severe when the party affected is the earning member of the family.

Elderly Citizens
Elderly people who have been left to fend for themselves and they are too old or too sick to work and earn a living. Sometimes, we find these elderly men and women living alone, totally uncared for and in very poor condition.

Large Families Families where there are too many children that the parents are incapable of supporting them on meagre earnings.

  Q: How do we identify genuine cases?
Our officers in charge of groceries distribution are also the same persons who go to check on each new family that is referred to the Centre. They get a full report on the financial and social status of the families and a designated committee reviews this report before a decision is made on how much and whether they will receive assistance from our Centre.

  Q: What is the assistance being given?
At present there are 200 families receiving monthly grocery rations from the Persatuan
Kebajikan Thirumular Welfare Centre. Assistance being given is as follows:

Total list of Grocery Items for Monthly Distribution.
** Cash assistance is given in addition to groceries to those families that are facing severe financial problems. All the grocery items are given in amounts that are enough to cater for a whole month depending on the number of adults and children in each family.