An Appeal for Support

Project ‘RM275 Per Month’

Dear Donor,
Do you know that You can be the Source of Joy to these poor families? Be A Cause and Eliminate Hunger and Poverty By Taking the First Step To Sponsor One or Two Families.

GIVING REAPS THE HIGHEST HARVEST! Remember, your gift RM275 will provide a family 5 members have a decent meal for an entire month.

A Gift of RM550 will provide for Two Families.
A Gift of RM825 will provide for Three Families.
A Gift of RM1100 will provide for Four Families.
A Gift of RM1375 will provide for Five Families.

We are counting on your generosity to help us help the poor more effectively. You can help us by adopting at least one or more families at a monthly basis or sponsor for five families at yearly basis.

We appreciate your commitment to the Community and appeal to your generosity to participate in PKTM' s “ Two hundred seventy five ringgit" fund-raising project. Your contribution could make a difference in someone's life. No matter how small, it goes a long way.

PKTM's been serving the community for the last 25 years and transparency and accountability have been our hallmark. This has only been possible with the continued support of generous donors like you. Be part of PKTM in striving to uplift the underprivileged and the needy amongst us. If you are convinced that our activities will benefit the avowed aims, we can jointly bring about change to our community please do not hesitate. Donations can be made by cheque, cash or and credit card.

Payment by:
Cheque or Cash Contributiont:
Payment by cheque or cash should be made payable to 'PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN THIRUMULAR MALAYSIA'. Please bank in to our MAYBANK OR CIMB account number -

Maybank account num 5124-4620-2446
CIMB account num 1256-0000037-10-3

Please write your name, address, name of introducer if applicable and contact number on the bank-in slip and fax it to 03-8768 9295.